The Kim Barrett Show Ep 062: Why You Need A Niche In Business with Kim Barrett

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Get ready for a 10-minute episode of just me, Kim Barrett, providing you an easy to consume, practical episode on why you need a niche in business. 

That’s right. In our first ever audio episode, I lay down the fundamentals that need to be in place in your business for your marketing to succeed!

You won’t want to miss this, jump into this episode now! 

What I discussed in this episode:

  1. Why we have to talk about marketing [00:52]
  2. The key is understanding your niche [01:54]
  3. Market to the individual [03:05]
  4. Identifying the person you’ll market to [04:26]
  5. Stake out and observe their wants, needs, and dreams [06:02]
  6. Know them better first before playing with your targeting [07:10]

About Kim Barrett

Kim Barrett is the host of The Kim Barrett Show Podcast. A world-renowned Social Media Marketer focusing on Facebook, he is also an international best selling author, speaker and trainer. Having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures, his agency, Your Social Voice, now helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, generate more leads and more sales.

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