The Kim Barrett Show Ep 044: Why Reviews Are the Most Important Part of Your Business with Jennifer Thompson

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Customer reviews provide a lot of valuable insight about a business. Not only that, but the effect of reviews towards marketing, sales, and revenue go deeper.

With businesses now moving towards building an online presence, the ability to get feedback and leverage that have been crucial. 

In this episode, Dr Marketing Tips podcast host Jennifer Thompson teaches us how to effectively get more reviews, how to deal with negative feedback, why you should focus on your online reputation, and so much more.

Still wondering how reviews can help your organisation? Well, tune in to the show to find out!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Doing the marketing for independent physicians [01:41]
  2. The impact of reviews on customer mindset [04:24]
  3. The trickling down effect of data [05:53]
  4. The old school, passive way of getting reviews [09:11]
  5. How she proactively gets feedback [11:19]
  6. Negative reviews point to where improvement is needed [13:31]
  7. The death of social media: the difference between being “in” and “on” social media [16:19]
  8. Your online reputation is the one thing you should focus on [20:19]
  9. What to do to get a 20% increase in revenue [21:51]

About Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is the President at Insight Marketing Group and the co-founder and chief strategist for Dr Marketing Tips. With two decades of marketing experience, she now helps medical professionals market their practice better. 

You can find Jennifer at the Dr Marketing Tips Podcast.

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