The Kim Barrett Show Ep 065: How To Get Max Output in the Gym with Jon Gregory

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Formulating an entirely new invention can feel like an uphill battle, even more so in a crowded market. But success isn’t restricted to creating something from scratch. Sometimes taking what’s already out there and assessing the improvements that can be made, is the advantage you need to get started.

In this episode, find out more about some new tech in the fitness world called Vitruvian Form, as Jon Gregory pumps out the secret sauce to how he was able to identify the gaps in the market and use those to his benefit.

Wondering how you can level up your workout? Find out how in this episode.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. The combination of applied physics, algorithms, and fitness [01:23]
  2. Algorithms presence in our lives [02:55]
  3. How Vitruvian Form works [04:12]
  4. Resistance training at home [07:21]
  5. Working through the machine’s limitations [08:10]
  6. One equipment for addressing the reasons you don’t get the results you want [08:57]
  7. Where you can get Vitruvian Form [11:00]
  8. Solving the puzzle on how to optimise volume and intensity [12:38]
  9. The importance of resistance training [14:32]
  10. Startups are hard [17:41]

About Jon Gregory

As the Founder and Managing Director of Vitruvian Form, Jon Gregory has democratised resistance training with his fitness equipment designed using applied physics, algorithms, and technology. He hopes that his innovation will empower every user to achieve elite-level, whole-body workouts. 

Curious about seeing this smart fitness machine in action? Check it out on their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

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