The Kim Barrett Show Ep 085: How To Get Instagram Followers in 2021 with Brooke Vulinovich

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It’s an understatement to say that the competition is fierce on Instagram! So, with a LOT of businesses and influencers fighting for the attention of the netizens, what techniques and strategies should you prepare for to outdo your competitors and get more followers next year?

Let’s sit down with Brooke Vulinovich, Instagram Specialist and Perth’s Social Media Queen, as she shares tips and tricks to grow your followers this 2021! She’ll share valuable information and insights this week such as new tactics to use to engage with your followers, how to grow your followers when the competition is tight, and more.

Today’s episode is for everyone who wants to build and grow their business with Instagram as a platform, whether they be newcomers in the online business space or vets who have already gained traction in their Instagram businesses.

Start the year strong in the online business space by tuning in now!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Brooke’s shortest elevator pitch [01:40]
  2. Is it still possible to be successful next year through Instagram? [02:34]
  3. The benefit of using Reels [03:43]
  4. Post less, engage more [05:28]
  5. The active-proactive growth strategy [07:40]
  6. Should you use Manychat to reply to your followers? [09:43]
  7. Growing your followers in times when competition is tight [14:57]
  8. Using promotion strategies that match with your audience and business model [16:36]
  9. What Kim and Brooke would ask Richard Branson [18:52]
  10. Things you can do for your Instagram account to kick-start 2021 [20:47]
  11. A brief preview on Brooke’s new guide [23:36]
  12. What’s coming for the Social Club in 2021? [24:46]
  13. The Social Club spotlight [26:56]

About Brooke Vulinovich

Brooke Vulinovich is a social media expert who wears many hats, be it as a coach, a keynote speaker, or a guest at Channel 9 News Perth. She founded The Social Club, an online coaching community that helps thousands of businesses in 32 countries effectively sell through Instagram. She was also chosen as the cover for The Business Collection launch edition of the West Australian newspaper in 2020, and was dubbed as a “Face to Watch in 2020.”

Send Brooke a DM on Instagram and ask her about her new guide, Five New Ways to Grow Your Followers in 2021.

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