The Kim Barrett Show Ep 067: How to Buy Online Businesses with Jaryd Krause

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The digital world is changing so rapidly that you can now buy a website business as if you’re buying a piece of property and earn a 20% to 30% ROI in just a year! But what are website businesses and how do they work?

That’s what we’re here to find out as we chat with Jaryd Krause, Founder & CEO of Buying Online Businesses. He shares with us everything we need to know about the online space, from the three types of business models, the risks involved, and where you can find the opportunities for purchasing website businesses!

Want to explore more opportunities in getting yourself a passive income stream? Tune in to this episode.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Getting a passive income stream through online businesses [01:33]
  2. Growing people’s website businesses until it’s ready to replace their work [02:43]
  3. The three main types of website business models [04:56]
  4. Online businesses earn about 20% to 30% ROI per year [08:11]
  5. There’s no need to have the experience, you just need to be committed [10:10]
  6. The three biggest website business risks to look out for [13:39]
  7. Invest in a business with an actual need [18:30]
  8. Just like there are property brokers, there are also website brokers [20:37]
  9. The coolest website and the website that yielded the best results [22:45]
  10. Investing in a good mentorship can accelerate your learning [26:04]

About Jaryd Krause

Being in the online business as an investor for more than five years now, Jaryd Krause is dedicated to helping people grow their businesses by passing on his knowledge and experience as an online business coach and mentor. He is the Founder and CEO of Buying Online Businesses, helping clients earn thousands of dollars per month. He also hosts his own podcast of the same name which is rated top 3 of the best passive income podcasts online.

Get in touch with Jaryd on Facebook.

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