The Kim Barrett Show Ep 084: How to Achieve a Flexible Lifestyle and Get Out of That 9-5 Grind with Brett Campbell

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Since the conception of our business, we have always adopted a DIY attitude towards it. But if letting someone else do the job means freeing up your time to do what you do best (maybe even travel overseas), would you do it?

Get out of the daily grind as Claxon Agency Co-Founder, Brett Campbell, joins us in this scintillating episode on achieving a more flexible lifestyle through the use of digital agencies. His take on getting yourself out of the equation is something you definitely don’t want to miss! We’ll talk about why specialists are necessary to your business, changing your mindset on working on your business, the importance of follow-up questions to get someone started on their day, and more.

Stop punishing yourself with more working hours and start having more time in your hands by tuning in now!

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Brett and how he gets people engaged with his elevator pitch [01:28]
  2. The origin story of Claxon Agency [02:49]
  3. Brett’s inspiration that got him started with online business [09:49]
  4. There is no one-size fits-all mastermind program [16:20]
  5. The need for creative specialists and marketing agencies for effective sales [19:04]
  6. Why you need to ask yourself “who can do it” instead of “how to do it” [25:31]
  7. Helping other people so you can do what you do best [32:06]
  8. You don’t see how immense something is until you realise it [35:37]
  9. Remember to ask a follow-up question when you ask how someone feels [39:40]

About Brett Campbell

Co-Founding Claxon Agency in 2017, Brett Campbell has received 2 awards for having founded 2 of Australia’s fastest growing companies. He partners with big-name companies such as Wyndham, Prospa and Nimble, to name a few. He also founded Fit International, a fitness company with over 35 locations across the country. Featured in multiple news platforms including Yahoo Finance, The American Business Journal, and Fox8, he has also authored bestselling book “Right Now” Why not You… and why not Now!

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